Learn the basics of candlestick analysis for beginners.

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What you’ll learn about in this trading strategies course

Candlestick patterns

Intraday Charts

Candlestick basics


  Spinning Top

Hanging man


candlestick patterns for beginners

candlestick analysis for beginners



Take this short course and learn candlestick analysis to improve your trading.


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in candlestick analysis
  • Those looking to learn candle stick patterns
  • Traders wanting to learn about technical analysis

Course Curriculum

Candlestick analysis for beginners
Candlestick analysis – Part 1 00:03:53
Candlestick analysis – Part 2 00:03:25
Candlestick analysis – Part 3 00:02:48
Candlestick analysis – Part 4 00:02:23
Candlestick analysis – Part 5 00:02:32
Candlestick analysis – Part 6 00:02:05

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