Learn the importance of psychology and how your emotions can influence your trading decisions.

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What you’ll learn in this trading psychology course

Trading psychology

Controlling your emotions

Managing your positions

Eradicating FOMO

Top 3 psychological beliefs



Eradicate FOMO

Psychological Beliefs For Trading Success



As traders we are told technical analysis is the pathway to trading success.

But how many times have you made the same mistake over and over, loosing your entire investment in the process and left wondering why.

Having the best trading plan is not going to make you money in the market. You have to control your emotional state and decisions at all times.

That’s why psychology is a key component to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

In this free trading psychology course we learn how we can manage our feelings and ultimately our trades.


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning how psychology can impact your trading
  • Those interested in tips on how to control their emotions during trades
  • Traders looking for alternative advice to technical analysis


Course Curriculum

Trading Psychology Series
Welcome To The Trading Psychology Series! 00:01:23
Eradicate FOMO! Feeling the NEED To Always Be In Position (Trading Psychology Part:1) 00:22:16
Why You ALWAYS Do The Wrong Thing At The WRONG Time (Trading Psychology Part: 2) 00:15:47
Hate Taking Losses Leads To.. BIGGER Losers?! (Trading Psychology Part: 3) 00:08:10
How Needing To Be RIGHT Makes You WRONG (Trading Psychology Part:4) 00:10:22
Why SMART People Make DUMB Trades (Trading Psychology Part: 5) 00:13:15
Critical State For Maximum Trading Effectiveness! (Trading Psychology Part: 6) 00:10:37
Breaking Resistance to New ATH On Your Trading Account (Trading Psychology Part: 7) 00:09:36
TOP 3 Psychological Beliefs For Trading Success (Trading Psychology Part: 8) 00:15:25

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